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Just 1 and a half hours until Christmas day!

I'm sooooo excited; partially because I know that my one of my presents is 'The Art of Cars 2' and I FINALLY get to wear my £140 boots ( my mother wasn't so pleased when I picked them out! ;) )
I also can't wait until I give my pressies to my family, I know that my sister will go NUTS anyway!

Merry Christmas, and thanks for all the watches everyone ;) :) =D

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Okay, so I'm still a newbie, but have gained a wider knowledge of how things work on this site! YAY! I have uploaded more atrocious artwork onto my Gallery and will attempt to publish more (only with popular demand or if I have time!) =D

I apologize if I have not responded to some of your comments as most of them I received during the middle of the night (due to different time zones!) and Toshiba laptop with dying internet connection! :(
Nothing exhilarating to comment on, except the bloody English weather trying to spoil my Christmas, but it never does!

If I don't speak to you sooner MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!  :) ;)

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Guess I'm the newbie on the block!

Hello everyone, new deviant here!
Although I have been visiting this site for years, I've never had the chance or bloody time to make an account so here it is!
I'm keen to get along with everyone, however, I know that is not physically possible, nevertheless I would be glad to speak to most people in the world as England is a very small place! XD (Don't let my sense of humour confuse you!)

I will try to upload as much of my artwork as possible, despite the fact many of you might not find it all too exhilarating. I am particularly interested by Pixar's Cars as it has always been my dream to work in such a diverse place that is Pixar!

Hope to speak to many of you